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Key achievements 

At Courts and Tribunal Services, we are working hard to improve access to justice and alternative dispute resolution options. We use innovative technology in courtrooms to improve access to services and for electronic filing of documents. 

Our recent achievements include the following.

Remote witness and videoconferencing facilities

Our network of remote witness and videoconferencing facilities has been further expanded across the state, providing more facilities for witnesses to give evidence from remote locations. 

Alternative dispute resolution in the Children's Court

New alternative dispute resolution programs have been introduced to the children's court, providing support and alternatives for families attending the court. 

Drug Court at Toronto

A second drug court has begun operation at Toronto, providing a program of intensive treatment and monitoring to assist drug-dependent people overcome their addiction and criminal offending. 

Joined up Justice

We are working together with our justice sector partner agencies, such as NSW Police, to develop direct data exchanges that streamline processes and improve the timeliness of communications and information exchange. 

Online services

Online court lists and electronic filing (efiling) services are making it easier for court users to find court information and for legal representatives to interact with our offices. Further projects will expand the availability of  online services to all court users.   

Courts Service Centre

Our aim is to make contacting courts easier. A dedicated Courts Service Centre has been opened to provide a single access point for people seeking telephone information about jury services and court information. 

The Court Service Centre currently deals with enquiries for particular courts. Its coverage is being expanded, making contact between the public and courts faster and easier.