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Reporting Services Branch


The Reporting Services Branch (RSB) of the department operates a statewide court reporting and transcription service for courts, tribunals and related boards.

The branch was established in 1911 and employs a staff of more than 300 people. They record around 82,000 hours of court proceedings and prepare about 1 million pages of transcripts each year.

Image of people transcribing recordings from court in the remote monitoring centre in Parramatta.
Transcription and multi-court remote monitoring centre at Parramatta.

How recordings and transcripts are made

All courts in New South Wales are courts of record and are required to keep an accurate record of their proceedings. This record is created using shorthand or audio recordings.

Recordings and transcripts produced by the branch, become the official record of the court and are available during the course of proceedings or for appeal purposes. Court transcripts are text versions of the recorded proceedings.

If you are involved in a court case you can apply for a transcript.

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