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Alternative Dispute Resolution Directorate    


Established in 2009, the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Directorate co-ordinates, manages and drives ADR government policy, strategy and growth in NSW.

The ADR role is:

  • advise the NSW Attorney General, the Department of Justice and other NSW government departments on ADR policy and strategy

  • oversee the implementation of the reform recommendations in the ADR Blueprint Discussion Paper [PDF 325kb], the ADR Blueprint Draft Recommendations Report 1: Pre-action Protocols [PDF 208kb] and the ADR Blueprint Draft Recommendations Report 2: ADR in Government [PDF 268kb].

  • identify and formulate necessary changes to existing practice and procedure to increase the use of ADR

  • coordinate, manage and drive significant ADR reform projects, for example the ADR reforms in the care jurisdiction of the children's court

  • build constructive partnerships across the ADR sector, including with service providers, community organisations and the legal profession

  • inform the community about changes and developments in the use of ADR

  • conduct and publish an annual survey on the use of ADR by NSW government departments

  • manage Community Justice Centres (CJC), the NSW governments free mediation service

  • accredit departmental mediators in its role as a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body.

In its work, the ADR Directorate liaises closely with stakeholders including the courts, the Law Society of NSW, the NSW Bar Association, community legal centres, industry groups and community members.





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