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Civil case hearings    


Most civil cases are settled by the parties at court or beforehand. When a civil case cannot be settled, a hearing will be held.

Steps in a civil court case hearing

 This is a summary of the basic steps during a civil court case.

  • The case is called
  • Appearances are announced
  • The plaintiff's case is opened
  • The defendant's case is opened
  • Affidavits from the plaintiff and defendant are read
  • Witness evidence is taken
  • Close of plaintiff's case
  • Close of defendant's case
  • Closing submissions are made in the order agreed between the parties or as the judge or magistrate directs
  • The judicial officer will either deliver an immediate judgment or reserve judgment to a later date

In matters in the Small Claims Division in the local court, evidence is presented in the form of statements. In General Division matters in the local court, and in civil cases in the district and supreme court, witnesses can be called to give evidence.