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Who's who in court    


Depending on the court and the type of case, you will find different people in the courtroom.

These are links to different who's who in court diagrams and pictures which can assist you identify the different people in court.

Interactive diagrams of criminal matters

Pictures of who's who in court

Member of the public can also attend court cases in different courts to get a better idea of what happens in court.

Who is in court in other types of cases

Civil cases

In civil cases:

  • the people involved in a case are described as the plaintiff and defendant; or claimant and respondent

  • there will not usually be a jury present (there are rare exceptions to this rule)

  • the procedure is referred to as a hearing not a trial

  • the judicial officer may be a judge, a magistrate, a registrar or chief clerk of the court


In appeals, the people involved in a case are described as the appellant and the respondent.

Tribunal matters

Depending on the tribunal:

  • the people involved in a case may be described as a plaintiff and defendant; or claimant or applicant and respondent

  • if the matter is an appeal, the people involved in a case may be referred to as the appellant and the respondent

  • the judicial officer could be a judge or a tribunal member (a suitably qualified person)




Trail by jury diagram 

Find out who's who in court in a criminal trial by jury.