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Transcripts forms and fees    

Order forms for transcripts

This page has the transcript order forms and details of where to lodge them for these courts:

  • Supreme Court
  • District Court
  • Local Court
  • Industrial Relations Commission

Information about fees for transcripts is at the bottom of this page.

Other courts and tribunals

You can order transcripts for the Land and Environment Court and the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) from the relevant registries.

Details of how to order transcripts from the other courts and tribunals can be obtained from the jurisdiction websites. See NSW courts and tribunals for links.


Supreme Court transcripts

Please note: a new process for the delivery of Supreme Court Civil daily transcript has been introduced. After submitting your request a nominated service provider will contact you to arrange payment details. Daily transcript will not be provided until payment details have been confirmed.

Follow this link to the Supreme Court website where you will find transcript order forms.

Reporting Services Branch
Phone: 02 8757 1022
Fax: 02 8688 9671
Email: RSB.Client.Services@justice.nsw.gov.au


Local Court and District Court transcripts

These are the transcript order forms for Local and District Courts.

Criminal Jurisdiction and Local Court Civil Jurisdiction

Transcript order form Local and District Courts [PDF 82kb] Transcript order form Local and District Courts [DOC 59kb]


District Court Civil Jurisdiction

Transcript order form for District Court Civil [PDF 139kb]

For Local and District Court proceedings in the Sydney CBD order transcripts from:

Location: Level 4, Downing Centre, 143 - 147 Liverpool St, Sydney
Phone: 02 9287 7338
Fax: 02 9287 7542
Email - District: dco.transcriptsales@justice.nsw.gov.au
Email - Local: dclc-transcripts@justice.nsw.g​ov.au

For Local and District Court proceedings in the outer metropolitan and country areas, you may lodge the form at the registry of the court where the matter was heard.


Industrial Relations Commission 

Transcript order form IRC [PDF 78kb] Transcript order form IRC [DOC 45kb]

For matters heard in the Industrial Relations Commission you can order transcripts directly from the registry:

Location: Ground Floor, 47 Bridge St, Sydney
Phone: 02 4226 6888
Fax: 02 4228 6711
Email: irc_transcripts@justice.nsw.gov.au


Fees for transcripts

Transcription fees are prescribed under the Criminal Procedure Regulations 2005 and the Civil Procedure Regulation 2005.

To find out about cost of transcripts, an application has to be made to the court or tribunal where the matter was heard.

Fees for transcripts may be paid by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card (Visa card, Mastercard and Bankcard accepted).

Waiver of fees

All litigants who receive Legal Aid and all appellants in the Court of Criminal Appeal automatically receive a waiver of transcript fees.

What if you cannot afford to pay for a transcript?

If you need a transcript, but cannot afford to pay for it, apply to the registrar of the court where the case was heard. The registrar has the power to decide whether you can have the transcript free of charge, for a lower fee, or whether you can delay payment until you can afford to pay.




Making court transcripts

Find out why and how court transcripts are made and who owns copyright.