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Jury service in New South Wales


Jury service plays an important role in our justice system. Juries are used to ensure that legal verdicts are impartial and in line with community standards of behaviour.  

Serving as a juror is an interesting and rewarding experience which offers insights into the court process.  

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How is a jury selected?

There are three steps to jury selection. People who sit as jurors in a particular trial have gone through all three steps.

  • Inclusion on the jury roll. Notices of Inclusion are sent out to tell people they are on the jury roll. This is a list of people who could be selected for jury service in the next 12 months. See Sent a Notice of Inclusion?
  • Summons to jury service. People who have been sent a Notice of Inclusion may be sent a Jury Summons requiring them to report to court on a particular day for jury service. See Summoned for jury service?
  • Jury selection and empanelling. At court, people who have been summoned are randomly selected and may then be empanelled to serve on a jury in a particular trial. See How a jury is selected

Who administers jury service?

The jury system in NSW is administered by the Jury Services Branch of the Office of the Sheriff of New South Wales, operating in accordance with the Jury Act 1977 and Jury Amendment Act 2010.   

Who to contact about jury service

Juror Information Line: 1300 722 574

Jury service publications

Juror Brochures 2014

For print information, download our publications:






Are you required to attend jury duty?

Please find out by logging on to juror.nsw.gov.au after 4:30pm, on the day before you are due to attend court.